All my short stories on a single page (I think). As mentioned in the about page, this category is more for my longer prose of at least 500 words (although expect a lot more than that). This is my preferred medium so expect the most content here than in other categories.

For those of you who have just found my page and wish to find my better pieces, please refer to those I have attached an asterisk (*) to. They are the pieces I have found to be my personal favourites.

Otherwise, you can find them all here.


List of all (In Chronological Order)

Pain: The Grunt [16/09/15]
Pain: The Drone [18/09/15]
Tink [20/09/15]
Over* [23/09/15]
The Roof* [24/10/15]
A Tale of Two Fates [20/11/15]
The Bet [05/07/16]
One in the Barrel [24/09/16]
Wrong Move [24/09/16]
Ruby [18/12/16]
An Unexpected Call [05/02/17]
I’m A Lover Not A Killer… / A Gypsy’s Curse [27/04/17]
Hearth* [07/05/17]