Why do we rush around everywhere, hurriedly completing a task just to move on to another task?

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L’appel du Vide (The Call of the Void)

The Call of the Void. While some of you may know this phenomenon by name, I guarantee that all of you know it by heart. In order to elaborate, I need to you to clear your mind of distractions. Everyone ready?

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The Darkness

I like the darkness.
It feels almost shameful,
like a sin, to admit it,
but I do.

In the darkness,
there is a clarity,
an instinctive realness,
which brings everything
out into the open.

See, while others are blinded in it,
the darkness reveals all to me.
It brings out the worst in people,
the best as well,
and there I can see it all.

The darkness is my home, my demesne.

Shelter me in it,
give me strength,
heap upon me a mantle of absolute black
and pray your virtue outshines your flaws
in the darkest of rooms.

Death and Life; a duality

Life is a chore. The idea of living life to the fullest is misleading; they seem to think that, somehow, life is just about the thrills. The girls. The money. And yet they don’t seem to understand that life, much like anything else, exists as a duality. It is both the butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling when you look into her eyes for the first time and the melancholic regret you feel when you do so for the very last; the rush of free-falling from an airplane and the mundane, mindlessness of waiting in traffic on the way to work. Good cannot exist without bad; living life to the fullest is not the rejection of the boring or tragic, it lies in the acceptance of these things.

As such, Life cannot “live” without Death.

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