3rd Entry: Hair Planes

Sunday 17/4/16 (Day 11 – Week 1)

Hair. One of the most visible indicators of a recruit (that and the face of a person shag beyond belief). It’s more than just a practical measure, to keep cool or to keep our helmets empty.

Symbolically, it’s also a kind of way to hammer in the idea of conformity. An army that is standardised functions more efficiently as a single unit.

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2nd Entry: Challenge

Wednesday 13/4/16 (Day 7 – Week 1)


That’s the lesson of the first seven days. NS is about challenging yourself, everyday. New drills, tougher PT, punishments and heat acclimation; you push your physical and mental limits everyday.

And you do it because it’s your duty, you do it for your country and your love ones.You do it because you should, and when you should do something, you have to do it too else what kind of man would you be?

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1st Entry

Monday 11/4/16 (Day 5 – Week 1)

The hardest thing about BMT so far is signing in a bloody box. Yeah, that’s pretty weird I know, but it’s true.

The first day was a little of a shock (I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard that many vulgarities in a day before but I got used to it real fast). Since then, there’ve been ups and downs.

Civilian life is pretty chill btw. Love it while you can (to any SG Boys out there).

PT has been pretty bad but everything takes some getting used to, I suppose. My head’s getting in the game but it’s taking its sweet time. If I was a sergeant, I’d make it do 20 pushups or smt.

People here are cool but there’ve been plenty of numbskulls too. Like insanely blur sotongs. Can’t blame them doe, I get pretty blur sometimes too.

Eh, it’s the beginning of Week 1. We’ll get there.