So this was a piece that I had submitted for a competition wayyy back in May. I was one of the many winners (there were 18 of us heh) and as such, our stories were published in All-In’s Snack Fiction Anthology.

Anyway, in case it’s confusing, “Seraphim” was the original name for this story. However, as it has religious connotations, I changed the title to “The Two Sides of a Single Coin” in the published book. Of course, we can all agree that the original name was better HAHAHA.

Anyway, please enjoy the story.


The Two Sides of a Single Coin


For eons, I have been trapped here. In this limbo between the aether and the dirt. I have watched your kind rise from the earth and build into the clouds. I have seen all that you have made, and all you have taken. And at times, I wonder, is there any more to this existence than this? Watching creatures of the dirt live their lives as if they belong in the air, only to succumb to the realisation that they are nothing more than children of mud?

In time, all will return to the dirt. No matter how high the mound you’ve built.

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