An Unexpected Call

Wait, that’s weird… This data packet’s completely haywire…

It’s been another lame-ass day doing nothing but checking and rechecking of all the junk us humans have been leaving around in our immediate vicinity (astrologically speaking). I monitor the vast amount of astrophysical data collected on a daily basis by the immense fleet of special cameras and whatnots.

Don’t get me wrong, its a highly important job; data must be constantly recorded in order to be examined. And it needs to be examined because we need to understand the world in which we live in and every bit of information we gather would help us understand where we came from. And if we knew where we came from, we can ultimately extrapolate where we might end up. So, if you keep it all in perspective, this is a really, really, really important post to be filled.

Or at least that was the spiel they tossed me. But even back then, I knew what this posting was gonna be; I’d gotten a Masters in Astrodynamics and Computer Science just to become a glorified mail box opener. A secretary does what I do, with qualifications that are a lot more humble. Continue reading “An Unexpected Call”