2nd Entry: Challenge

Wednesday 13/4/16 (Day 7 – Week 1)


That’s the lesson of the first seven days. NS is about challenging yourself, everyday. New drills, tougher PT, punishments and heat acclimation; you push your physical and mental limits everyday.

And you do it because it’s your duty, you do it for your country and your love ones.You do it because you should, and when you should do something, you have to do it too else what kind of man would you be?

And you will meet others who do not think so, people who have grown comfortable and who find that duty is nothing, to be shirked and set aside.Perhaps they are right, but that is not how I choose to view things.

A country will never be my home; instead, my heart resides with the people, its policies and laws, my honour and its culture and mentality, my brain.


Today, there were the standard recruitment talks; Army, Navy and Airforce. Again, my previous assumptions were challenged. It seems strange to me how a person such as myself who values individuality and free will would be so attracted to mentality of the military.

To serve a duty to something greater than myself, is there no better life?

And so I find myself wondering which path to take. University is always going to be a destination I plan to go but education is nothing but a tool and a tool is nothing without the will and intention to use it right.


My worldview and my assumptions.


May the right path be chosen. Always.


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