L’appel du Vide (The Call of the Void)

The Call of the Void. While some of you may know this phenomenon by name, I guarantee that all of you know it by heart. In order to elaborate, I need to you to clear your mind of distractions. Everyone ready?

Alright. Imagine you are standing on the top of a tall building. The sky is grey and overcast; you can feel in your bones, it’s about to rain. The view is beautiful from up here, the skyline of the city you grew up in stretches out for miles in every direction. Look! You can even see your house from up here.


But as you glance down, a chill runs through you. You’re standing at the very edge of the building and you can see the ground down, down, down, so far down, and you feel the fear that only imminent mortality can instill in you. One step, one slip, and nobody can save you.


You want to take a step back, to retire to relative safety, but in the back of your mind you hear a voice. It sounds like your own, but demented somehow. Irrationally, it whispers to you.


“Don’t you want to see what happens? Aren’t you curious how it would feel? To fall?…”


The whispers continue, and though you know that it’s wrong, you feel an urge to do it. To do something incredibly, incredibly irrational. Self-destructive.




And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Call of the Void.


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