Parental Media

We blame the media for our children’s behaviour these days. Videogames too violent; our kids become too eager for a fight. Sex, drugs and rock and roll on TV (or some variation on the theme); our kids are raised godless and foul. Misrepresented minorities and the such; our kids are raised prejudiced and bigoted. Continue reading “Parental Media”


The Darkness

I like the darkness.
It feels almost shameful,
like a sin, to admit it,
but I do.

In the darkness,
there is a clarity,
an instinctive realness,
which brings everything
out into the open.

See, while others are blinded in it,
the darkness reveals all to me.
It brings out the worst in people,
the best as well,
and there I can see it all.

The darkness is my home, my demesne.

Shelter me in it,
give me strength,
heap upon me a mantle of absolute black
and pray your virtue outshines your flaws
in the darkest of rooms.