Over. It’s over.

There’s nothing left to say, I guess.

Nothing right to say either.

Hah. Well, at least I still have my excellent sense of humour.

He was in love, He said. He’d found His fire, finally, after years of cold. Of distance and awkward silences.

I’d loved those silences. I’d thought they were a sign of how close we were, that I didn’t have to act in front of Him. Act like I was always happy and contented.

And not depressed.

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“What the hell was that…” I murmur, jerking my head up.

Man, I hadn’t meant to nod off but the Math prelim paper I was doing sure was boring. And difficult. Boring and difficult is not a good mix. Nevertheless, if I was gonna finally pass a damn paper I had better get back to work. Forcing myself to sit still and not get distracted (for once), I focused my eyes back on the paper.

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Death and Life; a duality

Life is a chore. The idea of living life to the fullest is misleading; they seem to think that, somehow, life is just about the thrills. The girls. The money. And yet they don’t seem to understand that life, much like anything else, exists as a duality. It is both the butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling when you look into her eyes for the first time and the melancholic regret you feel when you do so for the very last; the rush of free-falling from an airplane and the mundane, mindlessness of waiting in traffic on the way to work. Good cannot exist without bad; living life to the fullest is not the rejection of the boring or tragic, it lies in the acceptance of these things.

As such, Life cannot “live” without Death.

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My old memories

of an even older friend;


Sometimes we’d play games;

I would hide and she would seek.

She always found me.

We moved out years back,

I haven’t see her since then;

remember missing her.

I’d described her once:

dressed in a white sheet, bloodied,

long of face and fang

Hair to her stomach,

walking on walls and ceilings.

Had the sweetest laugh.

Its been a few years

but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t


Pain: The Grunt


Ugh, I thought. Silently. Or as silent as I could be I suppose, It probably wouldn’t be a good thing to be heard right now. I try to pull another breath into my ragged lungs. The effort almost made me convulse uncontrollably.

It must’ve grazed a lung then. What a bloody lucky shot, I mused silently. The shot made it difficult to breathe and the blood puddling beneath me should have scared me in its volume. But I wasn’t afraid.

Once you knew your fate, facing it wasn’t all that fear-inducing. If only it wasn’t for the pain, I might actually be able to string some thoughts together.


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