1st Ramadhan 1439H

When you’re younger
You were always looking forward to growing up
To being rich
Or free
Free to eat an much candy as you want
And rich enough to afford it
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RCC Journal September-October


And now we come to the month of September. A month of tension and a month where the 14th came so very close to its breaking point.

As we were pushed and pushed, the ‘Stress and Strain’ of training began to show its effects upon our morale; the cracks so previously highlighted widened and threatened to swallow us whole.

As we were pushed, we began to push back; we lashed out, at each other and at the instructors. One of the darker months of our time in training, and we barely halfway.

And yet, if we squinted and stared, a light could be seen at the end of the tunnel.


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RCC Journal August-September


This month started with the Outward Bound: Brunei Darussalam. As if in imitation of the SAF, RCC OCTs are sent to Brunei to undergo a more intensive cohesion activity than most SG cohesions.

We trekked through the Bruneian jungle, and though it was still not a intense as an infantry OCT’s Brunei training, it was not exactly easy either.

Besides, how many of those OCTs got so lost they almost walked all the way to Malaysia and ran out of water halfway through the night? Not saying that it happened to my group, but a couple of my friends got messed up.

This month also marks the beginning of our professional term; the moving away from basic firefighting drills and the beginning of our scenario packages. Here, we learn how to fight fires in different locations, pick up the skills of Marine firefighting and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and brave the HAZMAT course (which i significantly preferred over normal firefighting).

This term would last a majority of the time in RCC til Week 18 in October.

(Also, if you haven’t realised it yet, Spoiler Alert indicates reflections I have in the current day, done in hindsight.)

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RCC Journal July


This will begin the reflections for the second month of RCC. If you have not already realised it, I will be keeping only one article of reflection per month of RCC.

This means that, instead of constantly uploading new journal entries and flooding my page with 28 individual posts, I will only have 7 posts and keep updating each post. As such, this post will be continuously updated daily for the next 4 days as I write the reflections for each week of July.

This month represented the true beginning of RCC, with the end of the Fasting month and the proper introduction of the full fire-fighting Bunker attire. As such, we were in for a rude awakening on the difficulties of a firefighter, and by extension, the stress and strains of the simplest drills.

Once again, I emphasise that these are recounts and reflections of an OCT. It should not be taken as hard fact.

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RCC Journal June-July


As my time in NS is starting to draw to a close, I’d thought that it was a good time for me to reflect and collect the thoughts I’d had in the past 20 months or so. Considering the fact that I was told to keep a mandatory journal of my time in RCC, I had decided that perhaps it was time for my experiences to come to light.

And since there are little to no knowledge of SCDF’s Officer Course, I thought that a journal, which may prove to be a crucial introduction to some hapless Officer Cadet (OCT) in the future, would be a worthy read.

To properly introduce this project, I will be posting a journal entry on every day of the last 28 days of my NS life; each day will represent a week in the life of an RCC OCT.

RCC (Rota Commander Course) is the official name of the course that OCTs will undergo to earn the rank of an officer here in the SCDF. It is, by no means, easy. It is however attainable, though not without some form of issues here and there. I was part of the 14th RCC.

Each of these journal entries were written at the time by a weary and tired OCT, so please, take them more as a collection of anecdotes than actual fact.

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So this was a piece that I had submitted for a competition wayyy back in May. I was one of the many winners (there were 18 of us heh) and as such, our stories were published in All-In’s Snack Fiction Anthology.

Anyway, in case it’s confusing, “Seraphim” was the original name for this story. However, as it has religious connotations, I changed the title to “The Two Sides of a Single Coin” in the published book. Of course, we can all agree that the original name was better HAHAHA.

Anyway, please enjoy the story.


The Two Sides of a Single Coin


For eons, I have been trapped here. In this limbo between the aether and the dirt. I have watched your kind rise from the earth and build into the clouds. I have seen all that you have made, and all you have taken. And at times, I wonder, is there any more to this existence than this? Watching creatures of the dirt live their lives as if they belong in the air, only to succumb to the realisation that they are nothing more than children of mud?

In time, all will return to the dirt. No matter how high the mound you’ve built.

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The fire burns low and the orange lights it casts flicker lazily in the comfy little living room I had made my home. The muggy atmosphere promised an eminent and swift transition into unconsciousness, but for now I was still lucid enough to gaze forlornly around the small room. I fought against the heady pull of sleep just to breathe in the smell of food, old wood and the people around me; the smell of home.

The birthday party was already winding down, and my family was strewn across the room in various states of lethargy. The ghost of a smile touches my face.

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